AppliCations No. 7 Improving Separation During Electrophoresis

SeparateIT gels represent a novel gel matrix for DNA electrophoresis. Gel polymers are arranged in a conceptually different way, in accordance with a new theoretical model of gel electrophoresis. SeparateIT gels prepared by using AppliChem's SeparateIT Polymer Solution selectively retard the migration of large molecules, so that DNA bands remain sharp but are more spread out relative to each other. Thanks to this increased spacing, resolving power of SeparateIT gels is at least twice higher compared to resolving power of any other gels, including polyacrylamide gels. Two DNA fragments in the 70 –150 bp range that differ by 1 bp can be separated on SeparateIT gels that are 8 cm long. The main applications include analytical gels, genotyping, diagnostics, food testing (e.g. GMO control), SSPE and microsatellite analysis.

The extraordinary resolving power of SeparateIT gels results from addition of a special polymer to a polymerizing solution containing a monomer and a cross-linker. While the gels with SeparateIT-like properties could be prepared with several different polymers, chemical composition and molecular weight of the polymer required a careful optimization for each particular monomer/cross-linker combination.

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