AppliCations No.1 Nucleic acid decontamination with the DNA-ExitusPlus™ Technology

Advanced experiments in gene technology demonstrate that even small amounts of free DNA molecules are sufficient to cause infections, recombination or biological transformation.

The complete decontamination of equipment and surfaces from any DNA molecules is important for biological containment and safety, as well as preventing artifacts in PCR amplification experiments. Using new methods that detect extremely low levels of DNA molecules, we investigated the molecular mechanism of action of various commercially available DNA decontamination reagents. We found that when using high concentrations of DNA and short incubation times, none of the conventional reagents destroyed DNA molecules efficiently, despite their corrosive or even toxic properties.

Destruction and elimination of nucleic acids depends to this day, on bleach, a corrosive and toxic substance. To address this issue, AppliChem partnered up with multiBIND Cologne, to develop a new and unique nucleic acid decontamination technology: the ExitusPlus™ family of products, comprising DNA-ExitusPlus™, DNA-ExitusPlus™IF and Autoclave-ExitusPlus™. Comparing DNA-ExitusPlus™ to conventional products, we can demonstrate that it is fast and efficient in destroying nucleic acids without harmful or toxic effects on lab workers, equipment and the environment.

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A major source of contamination with nucleic acids is the researcher himself. The nucleic acids originate from e.g. danders, hairs, and saliva or microorganism colonizing the skin or are released while sneezing. Derma-ExitusPlus™ is the first dermatologically tested deontamination reagent, destroying free nucleic acids on skin within a few minutes. Based on the ingredients of the ExitusPlus™ products, the degradation of nucleic acids is revealed by a chemical-catalytical mechanism.

This is the first publication introducing the new nucleic acid decontamination reagent DNA-ExitusPlus™.

DNA-ExitusPlus BioTechniques

If you prefer Nature Methods, here you find an application note of our nucleic acid decontamination reagent DNA-ExitusPlus™.

DNA-ExitusPlus Nature Methods

For more detailed information concerning problems and practical solutions with regard to nucleic acid contaminations see also our brochure Contamination by Nucleic Acids.

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