Order No. Quantity
A4975,0100 100 ml
A4975,0500 500 ml
A4975,1000 1 L

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Synonym Polyethyleneglycol-mono-[p-(1,1,3,3-tetra Methylbutyl)-Phenyl]-Ether 
state of matter Liquid 
CMC (25°C) 0.3 mM 
Classification: nonionic detergent  
Formula C34H62O11 
M 646.85 g/mol 
CAS-No.: 9036-19-5 
HS-No.: 34021300 
Storage: RT 
LGK: 10 - 13 
Hazard pictogram(s) Hazard pictogram(s) GHS07Hazard pictogram(s) GHS05Hazard pictogram(s) GHS09 
Hazard statement(s) H302-H318-H411 
Precautionary statement(s) P273-P280-P305+P351+P338-P310 
Signal word Danger 
®trademark of Union Carbide Company 
DNases/RNases/Proteases not detectable 
Heavy metals (as Pb) max. 0.0005 % 
Water max. 1 % 
Chloride max. 0.005 % 
Sulfate max. 0.005 %