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Synonym Regeneration Kit for DNA Binding Columns 
state of matter  
HS-No.: 38220000 
Storage: RT 
suited for pure silica matrices: 100 % - no DNA detectable 
• quick & easy: 30 minutes only! 
• bio-degradable and non-toxic 
• no damage to silica matrix 
• just like new: full binding capacity after the regeneration 
savings of up to 70 % when isolating nucleic acids 
WGK: nwg 


MaxXbond™ is the first regeneration system for silica matrices for the isolation and purification of nucleic acid. The silica columns used today are high tech products of high value. The fact that not all nucleic acids are eluted from the silica matrix after the first usage is the reason that these valuable columns are not recycled. Usually, about 5 to 10 % of the isolated nucleic acids remain trapped in the silica matrix. This residual DNA contains both free molecules and molecules complexed with protein particles or bacterial fragments. Therefore, even when reusing the columns for the preparation of the identical plasmid, DNA binding capacity is reduced. Further, the used columns that are contaminated by recombinant DNA molecules and bacteria should be autoclaved to guarantee environmentally friendly disposal. As a result, laboratories that use DNA binding columns for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids not only dispose of a high-value item, but they must also deal with the costs of excessive biohazardous waste.
Here we present the innovative maxXbond™ regeneration system for use with nucleic acid binding columns. Both agarose gel electrophoresis and PCR analysis demonstrate that the regenerated columns are 100 % nucleic acid-free. We project that usage of regenerated columns could lead to a cost reduction of up to 70 % for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids. For more informations please see The volumes required to regenerate the different types of columns varies:
Column Size maxXbond™ RG1 maxXbond™ RG2
Mini 750 μl 750 μl
Midi 4 ml 4 ml
maxXbond™ is a registered trademark of AppliChem GmbH.