Order No. Quantity
A1493,0005 5 g
A1493,0010 10 g
A1493,0025 25 g
A1493,0050 50 g

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Synonym Kanamycin 
state of matter Solid 
Formula C18H36N4O11 · H2SO4 
M 582.58 g/mol 
CAS-No.: 25389-94-0 
HS-No.: 29419000 
Storage: RT 
LGK: 6.1 D 
Hazard pictogram(s) Hazard pictogram(s) GHS08 
Hazard statement(s) H360 
Precautionary statement(s) P201-P308+P313 
Signal word Danger 
Assay min. 750 I.U./mg 
α20°C/D; 1 %, H2O +112° - +123° 
pH (1 %; H2O) 6.5 - 8.5 
Loss on drying (60°C) max. 1.5 % (1 Torr) 
Kanamycin B max. 4 % 


  (1)  Mays, D.L. et al. (1976) J. Chromatography 120, 93-102
High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of Kanamycin.


Kanamycin sulfate is readily water-soluble and very stable as a dry powder. The solution is stable in the pH range from 6 - 8 as well and can be stored for 6 to 8 months at room temperature (loss of activity approx. 1 - 2 %). Autoclaving at 120°C (even for 1 hour) results in a loss of activity of 5 %. In contact with air, kanamycin changes its color without loss of activity. This change in color can be prevented by antioxidants. Kanamycin is active against gram positive and negative cocci and bacteria. Kanamycin sulfate contains approx. 98 % kanamycin A.