Order No. Quantity
A6932,0100 100 ml
A6932,0250 250 ml
A6932,0500 500 ml

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state of matter Liquid 
HS-No.: 38220000 
Storage: 2-8°C 
Hazard pictogram(s) Hazard pictogram(s) GHS07 
Hazard statement(s) H315-H319 
Precautionary statement(s) P280-P301+P330+P331-P305+P351+P338 
Signal word Warning 
• Apply 200 µl or 1 ml of dye solution for one protein sample. 
• Measure the absorbance at 595 nm. 


  (1)  Bradford, M.M. (1976) Anal. Biochem. 72, 248-254
A Rapid and Sensitive Method for the Quantitation of Microgram Quantities of Protein Utilizing the Principle of Protein-Dye Binding.