maxXbond: first regeneration system for DNA binding silica matrices

New solutions allow multiple reuse of valuable material.

Silica matrices are a key technology for the purification of DNA. Today the rapid isolation of pure DNA samples is essential for a variety of molecular biology protocols in research and commercial applications. Products with silica matrices are of high quality and high value. Their major disadvantage is that they can only be used once because after elution substantial amounts of DNA remain attached to the silica matrix and the binding capacity is reduced. To solve this problem AppliChem GmbH, Darmstadt in cooperation with multiBIND GmbH, Cologne developed the first regeneration system for silica matrices. Two innovative solutions remove all nucleic acids and extraneous material from silica matrices and restore the original binding capacity. The system is commercially available under the name maxXbond offering cost savings of approx. 70% with this unique regeneration technology.