AppliCations No. 15 AppliFect - New Transfection Reagents

Transfection describes the introduction of foreign genetic material into eukaryotic cells. Today, cationic lipid-mediated transfection is the most widely used method for gene transfer into eukaryotic cells in life science laboratory. AppliChem offers four different specialized reagents for all cell types and applications. Here we give background information on the method and provide  an overview to this product range AppliFect – Transfection Reagents.

The most widely applied transfection method is the chemical method of using cationic lipids, also called lipofection. In aqueous solutions, cationic lipids and co-lipids form vesicles with a bilayer lipid sheet, known as liposomes. When liposomes encounter nucleic acids they re-form into nucleic acid:lipid complexes called lipoplexes. The lipoplexes are taken up by eukaryotic cells via endocytosis. Inside the cell, lipids of the lipoplex fuse with the endosomal membrane and DNA is released into the cytosol. The method is easy to use, does not require any additional lab instruments. State of the art lipid formulations have only low cytotoxic effects and often transfection rates of more than 80% are achieved.

The optimized formulation of AppliChem AppliFect solutions positively affects crucial steps of the transfection mechanism: (i) in the formation of the lipoplex and (ii) in the release of DNA inside the cell. The rate of cell division is only little affected by AppliFect due to good compatibility. As a result the transfection efficiency is maximized.

AppliFect contains liposomes composed of a polycationic transfection reagent and a neutral co-lipid. The efficient uptake of DNA/RNA into eukaryotic cells is mediated by complexing of the nucleic acids with the liposomes of the transfection reagent. The transfected liposome-bound DNA/RNA is completely released within the cells, resulting in the maximum effect of transfected nucleic acids. With AppliFect, highest expression levels, translation or inhibition of a gene can be achieved. The presence of serum does not interfere with the efficiency of transfections.
AppliFect LowTox is an improved reagent for liposome-mediated transfection of mammalian cells. AppliFect LowTox achieves highest compatibility with many cell lines and highest transfection efficiency, while it shows only minimal cytotoxic effects. The reagent shows no serum inhibition. AppliFect LowTox is the first choice for transfections of sensitive cell lines. AppliFect SI is an advanced lipid formulation designed for the transfection of mammalian cells with siRNA and miRNA. AppliFect Insect is designed for optimum liposome-mediated transfection of insect cells.

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