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Mutagenicity is not a must! Replace Ethidium bromide by AppliChem's non-hazardous fluorescent stain DNA-Dye NonTox. No risks, no loss of sensitivity. Learn more about the advantages of this product...

Unprotected?! Never ever again! AppliChem's CellCultureGuard will take care of your innocent cell cultures. Read more.


Size-Exclusion Chromatograpy is the preferred method for high-end purification of proteins and nucleic acids. Learn more about our matrices, ready-to-use columns and 96-well plates.


Mycoplasma - the nightmare of every cell culture lab. AppliChem provides relief by prevention, detection and elimination of Mycoplasma contaminations. Our top product: qPCR Mycoplasma Test Kit suitable for pharma-requirements. Read more.


Click on maxXbond™-product information - to download a brochure demonstrating the functionality and the performance of the maxXbond™ regeneration kit. For more information about our maxXbond™-products please see here

ReAction 03/15

This issue covers the fields of Molecular and Cell Biology as well as Histology and Microscopy and we would like to present our reagents and cell culture media for food analysis.

For prices and further information please contact your local dealer or email us at service@applichem.c3d6gecom.

Download pdf here.

ReAction 02/15

The focus of our current ReAction 02/15 lies in the field of water analysis: we present reagents for COD Analysis, trace metal analysis and culture media for the determination of E.coli . We also would like to bring to your attention our reagents for clinical diagnosis and a selection of antibiotics for cloning and cell culture as well as kits and reagents for PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis.

For prices and further information please contact your local dealer or email us at service@applichem.c3d6gecom

Download pdf here.

ReAction 01/15

In our current promotion we present our featured products from the fields of lab biochemicals, microscopy and histology, analytical reagents for pharma industry and microbiology.

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Let's change the world together: New PanReac AppliChem Reagents & Chemicals Catalogue 2015-2017!


At PanReac AppliChem you will find the highest quality laboratory reagents and chemicals for industrial use. Our products are manufactured under strict quality standards and the latest technology to ensure the health of our employees as well as our customers and the planet. Read more

Exhibitions and congresses 2015

We're looking forward to meeting you! Maybe at some of the many exhibitions and congresses worldwide? Check here for more information.

Movie Version of the Product - DNA-ExitusPlus

Definitely, DNA contamination is listed under the top ten unwanted events in all laboratories, since it is difficult to prevent. Nucleic acids are all over the place. If only a suited reagent is available, decontamination could be so easy. We looked into this subject - together with our partners from multiBIND biotec - and developed a new decontamination reagent. Look and see.

The ingredients of DNA-ExitusPlus™ are also active against the microbes causing degradation of reed roofs. Read more.

The different company presentation.

Our advertizing is different! It's as simple as that. But not only advertizing differs from the standard, our service and our team as well. View our movie and get an impression where we are from, what we are doing, and how we do it. Have fun.

Our customers are prepared for REACh

As you may have read in one of our previous announcements regarding the new European Regulation REACh program, AppliChem has met the 1st milestone.

Effective as of December 1st. 2008, the pre-registration phase was completed for chemicals manufactured within or imported into the EU in quantites larger than 1 t/a.

We have pre-registered over 1500 chemicals that we had provided to you in the past thereby assuring your uninterrupted supply of materials.
A registration number was assigned for each substance by the ECHA and this number will be provided to our customers on request (reach@applichem.c3d6gecom).

By May 31st, 2013, we will have to submit information in terms of classification and labeling of the relevant substances to reach the next milestone.

For the final registration, we will have to review cost effectiveness and any special applications of the substances in close cooperation with our customers.

Rest assured that we are working to maintain your steady supply of materials and that we will keep you up-to-date on all developments.